General Industry

When sophisticated manufacturing processes are at stake, impact of outages can seriously compromise business, damage assets or create security issues for staff employed. In the logistic chain that delivers around the globe, smooth and non-stop data processing is mandatory to monitor flow of operations. AEG Power Solutions offers a full-range of rugged, reliable, cost-effective solutions to ensure the continuity of manufacturing or data processing and protect people’s safety and assets. We can provide the power solutions adapted to the specific environment or applications which can grow with power needs thanks to flexible, and scalable systems.


High pace and streamlined delivery chain need high protection and power reliability. AC UPS single phase or three phase output are key to back up servers and working stations in case of power outage.

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AEG Power Solutions secure power for manufacturing production facilities, guarantee business continuity and avoid costly downtimes and recovery work.

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Electrolysis, coating and demanding continuous processes

Electrolysis is a typical  process which requires where high quality output voltage and electric current and greater energy  efficiency. Our high-power supply systems can easily be customized to secure continuous industrial process requiring reliable power supply.

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